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2nd Generation Family-Owned Business

Youngblood Farms Nursery is a high-quality supplier of trees, all grown on a 300-acre farm in Morrison, Warren County, Tennessee. Our manageable size and rich soils allow us to produce a diverse pallet of high quality trees.  We value customer service and strive to grow our relations with each customer so we provide the best experience that is true to our values.



Randy Youngblood, founder of Youngblood Farms Nursery, has loved plants and trees as long as he can remember. In 1985, after spending some time on the family cattle farms he decided to focus his efforts on developing a nursery. Randy started with renting 15 acres and raising dogwoods from seed. After 5 years, he decided to venture on his own and established Youngblood Farms and purchasing 40 acres. Now over 30 years later, the farm is 300 acres with 200 acres in production of field grown trees and evergreens.

At Youngblood Farms, we constantly work to develop an in-depth understanding of individual tree species and adapt cultural practices to match their unique needs.   Each tree is pruned and staked to form central leaders and well-formed heads. Our evergreens are uniformly shaped each year, allowing for consistency throughout the crop. All trees are machine dug to AAN standards. Packaging is very important to us, and we take pride in our uniform root balls, well-tied heads, and  neatly loaded trucks.

Our convenient location in Middle Tennessee allows for prompt delivery throughout the Mid West and North Eastern United States and parts of Canada. We welcome all orders no matter how large or small and sincerely look forward to working with you.


Where Nature & Agriculture Meet

While the heavy use of pesticides is a common nursery practice, at Youngblood Farms we take our commitment to sustainability and the environment very seriously with integrated pest management practices. We are aware of the diverse interactions and relationships that exist between each tree and a multitude of other organisms, from birds and pollinators, to filamentous fungal networks that exist in the soil and allow plant to plant communications. As stewards of the earth and members of a greater community, we seek above all else to minimize any adverse impact our actions as growers might have upon these key relationships and the environment as a whole. It is our goal to grow strong, vigorous trees, which are less susceptible to pests and are active participants in the local environment.

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